1. Representation in the Washington State Legislature

Since 1979 AAP has had year-round representation in Olympia and continues to be the primary voice for treatment providers. We work to advance the field while also improving access to treatment for those in need, regardless of economic level. Most of the legislation we enjoy today has been shaped either through AAP’s leadership or with considerable input from AAP members. Members receive weekly legislative reports on the issues impacting us during Legislative Sessions and as needed throughout the year. Fact sheets and talking points are provided on issues of concern to assist you in communicating with your legislators.

2. Annual Provider Conference

Since 2006 the AAP has sponsored a conference to keep providers abreast of new directions in treatment but also to energize the workforce. Each year the conference celebrates some aspect of treatment services—pioneers, counselors, support staff, treatment programs, etc.—to recognize the accomplishments of this new profession. A track for law and ethics is always part of the program to help with basic certification renewal requirements.

3. Affiliation with State Associations of Addiction Services (SAAS) in Washington, DC

AAP is the only Washington State organization to affiliate to the SAAS, which represents chemical dependency treatment providers on the national level. AAP members not only receive regular information on activities in Washington DC but also have opportunities for input into policy and white papers as well as discounts at the Annual SAAS/NIATx conferences. Today SAAS is working daily representing the chemical dependency treatment provider on insurance and parity, health reform, and federal budgets. With NIATx they are creating tools and standards to assist the treatment provider in this time of change and you receive these months before they reach other treatment providers.