History and Mission Statement

The Association of Alcoholism and Addiction Programs is the umbrella trade organization for chemical dependency treatment programs, encompassing all corporate structures and treatment modality types in its membership. The non-profit organization is financed solely through membership dues. Membership includes hospital based programs, publicly funded non-profits and privately-owned treatment facilities providing the full spectrum of inpatient and outpatient services, including programs for women only, women with children, adolescents, and special populations. Association members collectively employ over 1,000 staff and provide chemical dependency treatment services to some 35,000 patients annually.

The association changed its name to the Association of Alcoholism and Addiction Programs of Washington State in 1987 to reflect the integration of drug treatment with abstinence-based alcoholism treatment. It is constituted as an organization of alcoholism and other drug addiction programs which are approved by the State of Washington.


The Association's mission is:

  • To provide the means by which alcoholism and other drug addiction programs may enhance the effectiveness of their work.
  • To support the ongoing development of the administration of the programs of treatment, information, referral, and others that assist the alcoholic and other drug addicted person, the family, and others who are affected by the illness of alcoholism and other drug addiction.
  • To effect an environment which promotes cohesiveness, openness, candidness, discretion, commitment, and trust within the Association.
  • To effect, develop and practice a process which nurtures both personal and professional growth for alcoholism and other drug addiction program directors.
  • To effect an environment of communication where program directors can share mutual concerns and problems and take appropriate action when necessary.

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Frank Couch, MA, LMFT, CDP, NCACI & Beth Meyer, MA, LMFT, CDPT - CRAFT
Greg Bauer, CDP - DSM-5 and its use by Chemical Dependency Professionals

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